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From th Golgo Highland to Cala Goloritzè.

The Golgo Highland is a vast plain at about 400m of altitude, with water streams flowing down the surrounding ridges and narrow passes that  lead to the sea and to unique beaches of unparalleled beauty. The highland can be reached by following the ss. 125 route up to Baunei.

Moving along the ancient road of "bia majore", with its remains of Roman pavings, you reach the so-called "piscinas", natural depressions in the ground which were used to collect rain water, to treat metals and for the worship of the souls.

Not far away from here we find the famous abyss of Su Sterru, formed in the local limestone and the deepest in Europe with a direct drop of 270 meters and a diameter of 25.

Just before the church of St. Peter, we come to a junction to the right which leads to another limestone chasm called 'Codula di Sisine', surrounded by forests of holm-oaks and rocky cliffs. Following this road you reach the magnificent Cala di Sisine, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Orosei.

Close to the Golgo we find a path that can be followed on foot and leads to a breathtaking landscape on cala di Goloritzè, a small beach made unique by a natural stone arch and by its cristal clear waters.

Cala Sisine

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